KPSJ, Kwantlen Psychology Student Journal, Issue 2, July 2020

ISSN 2562-7708


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the second issue of the Kwantlen Psychology Student Journal (KPSJ). After the successful publication of our inaugural issue in 2019, the challenge was whether we could continue our mission of showcasing the outstanding work of KPU Psychology students, and providing students with valuable experience as editors, reviewers, and authors. I am exceptionally pleased and proud to report that we have not only met this challenge, we have seen KPSJ grow and expand. The number of successful submissions has doubled, and we now include empirical research posters as well. We have also attracted additional students to join KPSJ as reviewers and journal advisors. The countless hours of work by our dedicated student and faculty KPSJ team, and of course the rigorous scholarly work of the student authors, make this publication possible.

In this second issue of KPSJ you will find outstanding work on a variety of topics, including memory, psychological disorders, gender, social influence, and culture. There is a mix of analytical papers and reports of empirical research. All papers and posters published in KPSJ have undergone peer review, in most cases by a student and a faculty member of the editorial team. All research involving human participants has approval from KPU’s Research Ethics Board. Of course, instructors and faculty supervisors play a critical role in the work of the students. For all work completed as course requirements, we have opted to give acknowledgements to instructors for their important contributions; faculty members are only included as co-authors for extracurricular research. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the KPU Open Education team, and Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, for their ongoing support. We also extend our sincere thanks to Karen Meijer-Kline, KPU Librarian, for her valuable support with the Online Journal System. Last, but not least, special thanks to our Journal Manager, Amanda Dumoulin, who makes it all possible.

We are very excited to bring you the work of these promising young scholars – the authors, and those behind the scenes. Many of these students will continue on in psychology, and we expect these are the first of many more contributions they will make in the field. If you are a student, we hope you will be inspired to follow their lead, and submit your work for publication in future issues of KPSJ.

Please enjoy this issue of KPSJ!

Arleigh J Reichl

Published: 2020-07-31