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2023: Issue 5

ISSN 2562-7708

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your interest in the 5th annual issue of the Kwantlen Psychology Student Journal (KPSJ). Through the inspiration and motivation of Dr. Arleigh Reichl, the journal published its first issue in 2018. The KPSJ is an open journal that provides students a platform to showcase the exceptional work that they completed either within their courses or through their work in a lab during their undergraduate studies. The journal also provides a unique opportunity for students to gain scholarly experience through reviewing submissions or leadership experience in roles such as journal manager or chief copyeditor.

This issue includes a variety of empirical articles and posters, as well as theoretical papers. These pieces cover topics such as: gender, teamwork, practicum experience, and sexuality. Student and faculty volunteers have worked collaboratively to review each one of the submissions. This process has provided experiential learning to the student reviewers and authors. Additionally, the published versions serve as documentation of the remarkable work that is done within the psychology department here at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

I would like to acknowledge the student and faculty volunteers who have dedicated many hours of work to keep the journal active and publishing each year. Additionally, I would like to thank the authors for submitting their pieces and working through the peer review process to address the feedback in a meaningful way. I would also like to thank the faculty who continue to encourage students to submit their work and volunteer with the journal; this encouragement has been essential to the success of the KPSJ. The KPSJ team is always grateful for the continued support of Karen Meijer-Kline, KPU Librarian, with the Online Journal System. Finally, a special thank you to Brandon Justus, who stepped up as journal manager this year; his hard work and leadership allowed for this issue to be published.

I hope you enjoy this 5th issue. Please share with your peers and consider becoming involved in the journal as an author, a volunteer, or both.

Happy reading!

Dr. Patricia Coburn
KPSJ Faculty Supervisor

Published: 2023-07-28

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The Kwantlen Psychology Student Journal (KPSJ) is intended to showcase the outstanding work of psychology undergraduate students and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. In addition, it provides students with experiences as authors, proofreaders, reviewers, and editors.

The KPSJ is a collaboration of the KPU Psychology Department and Kwantlen Psychology Society.