The Remix, Archive, and Memory in Fifi Howls from Happiness

  • Nazli Akhtari University of Toronto
Keywords: Remix, Archive, Queer Feminist Cinema


Inspired by archival remix in diaspora cultural productions that deal with cultural memory, this featurette demonstrates the potential of filmic remix as a technology of remembrance for challenging normative archives and historiographies. The featurette brings to the fore various remixed elements at work in a poetic documentary of Iranian cinema, Fifi Howls from Happiness (2014) directed by Mitra Farahani. With a background in visual arts, the France-based director positions her film as an act of writing the neglected visual artist Bahman Mohasses into a much needed historiography and moving image archive of Iranian contemporary art. This featurette envisions the filmic montage in Fifi Howls from Happiness as a technology of remembrance that recreates quasi-abstraction and queer compositions that were central to Mohasses’ oeuvre with many pieces missing and lost.