Marching to a Different Beat

Reflections from a Community of Practice on Diversity and Equity

  • Jacob Kelley Auburn University
  • Andrea Arce-Trigatti Tennessee Tech University
  • Betsie Garner Independent Researcher
Keywords: community of practice, diversity, equity, intersectionality


The purpose of this reflective essay is to join the dialogue, both past and present, surrounding diversity and equity in higher education by reflecting on the potential for a community of practice to guide both individual and institutional change. Two faculty members and one graduate student share their experiences in a community of practice, including major takeaways from each of them. Recommendations for action are provided as a way for readers to transfer the knowledge to their own contexts. It is acknowledged, however, that the work of diversity and equity is not a single outcome but rather a reflexive journey. We call on all readers to become agents of transformation as they march to a different beat.

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