Nitawahsin Nanni and Disrupting Journeys

  • Robin Attas Queen's University
  • Gabrielle Lindstrom Mount Royal University
  • Lee Easton Mount Royal University
  • Michelle Yeo Mount Royal University
Keywords: decolonization, Indigenization, disruptive interview, decoding the disciplines, educational development


Nitawahsin Nanni

written by Michelle Yeo, as explained by Gabrielle Lindstrom:


Nitawashin Nanni means the land

but also          




you are participating in the land

and with the land--

how you

are a part of it.


It is your


to the land, encompassing

how you interact                                 with the land


land not

as a noun, but              what you are doing.


The land is you


you are participating in it.

Land is a body


Land is a body


of which you are part--


this is hard.


But the grasping

       creates ethical space,

        as Willy Ermine says.


This is hard to understand: the land is a body,

but the land is also you,

and you are participating together.

Try to understand.


Nitawashin Nanni.

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