Teacher-Researcher Collaborations: Negotiations of Research Practices in School

Keywords: sense-making, embodiment, collaboration, teacher-researcher interactions


This paper focuses on the relationship between classroom teachers in secondary educational institutions and researchers affiliated with educational research departments housed in postsecondary institutions. The research analyses the negotiation between teacher and researcher collaboration in co-design-based research. A case study of teacher-researcher collaborations is presented. From the data, selected episodes from video recordings of teacher, student, and researcher interactions are analysed, supported by interviews and observations. A qualitative methodology is adopted, drawing on embodiment and sense-making interactions analysis. Three levels of negotiation are considered: a) the research and researcher presence in the classroom; b) the research’s influence on the teaching practices; and c) the impact of the research practices on the educational community. Starting from the three dimensions analysed, we reflect on considerations for implementing teacher-researcher collaboration in co-designed research projects.