The Reader Must Awaken: On A Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch’s Dune

  • Andrew Hageman Luther College
Keywords: David Lynch, Dune


This review highlights key features in Max Evry's extensive oral history of David Lynch's 1984 film, Dune. The first section provides illustrative examples of production/design personnel accounts, life of the cast and crew on- and off-set, and a treasure trove of research that reveals the many alternatives that were considered in the making of the film. The second section analyzes the complex portrait that Evry assembles in the book while admirably resisting the move to reinforce the existing hagiography. Overall, this review uses specific examples of costume designers' insights and actors' reflections on collaborating with Lynch to give readers a taste of how Evry reframes Dune inside of its moment and beyond.

Author Biography

Andrew Hageman, Luther College

Andy Hageman is Associate Professor of English and Director of The Center for Ethics and Public Engagement at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, USA. His most recent publications include "Exploring SF Ecocinema: Ideologies of Gender, Infrastructure, and US/China Dynamics in Interstellar and The Wandering Earth," a co-authored with Regina Kanyu Wang chapter in Ecocinema Theory and Practice 2; the "Engaging Students and Global Weirding" chapter of the MLA book Teaching the Literature of Climate Change; and "The Wood for the Trees: Regional and Anthropocene Signals in the Pacific Northwest Forests of Twin Peaks.