Sambucus cerulea Raf. | blue elderberry | th’ikwukwulhp

  • Allison Brooke McCabe Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Keywords: elderberry, blue elder, blue elderberry, coast salish, dye plants, medicinal plants, wetland, wet meadow


This article describes the botany and ecology of Sambucus cerulea Raf. (blue elderberry) a tall fruiting shrub that is used as a medicinal, food, wood, and dye plant by the Coast Salish people.

Sambucus cerulea - leaf and fruit
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McCabe, Allison Brooke. 2018. “Sambucus Cerulea Raf. | Blue Elderberry | th’ikwukwulhp”. Logan Creek Decolonization Project Journal 1 (1), 13-16.